We offer life science clients innovative, end-to-end forecasting and valuation solutions to make accurate, timely and impactful business decisions.

Our proprietary forecasting applications include bottom-up, top-down, and dynamic disease models for pipeline and in-line products, and are backed by deep domain knowledge and in-depth expertise.

Benefits of our end-to-end forecasting solutions:

  • Client Applications and Benefits

    • Support strategic long range planning and go/no-go investment decisions
    • Develop detailed understanding of emerging disease profile and commercial trends and the impact on product value
    • Support buy side and sell side due diligence efforts
    • Optimize marketed brand planning and set and manage expectations
    • Transparent and flexible forecast models to facilitate scenario planning and ease of communication
    • Validate and enhance internal forecast assumptions

  • Versatile Bio-pharma Forecasting Platform

    • Flexible and transparent to optimize communication
    • Highly versatile with ability to model simple, complicated disease states
    • Promote real-time global collaboration
    • Enhance productivity with user friendly interface
    • Eliminate forecast errors
    • Multi-level access for security and confidentiality
    • Easy to update and archive
    • Output readily exportable to Excel, PowerPoint, PDF