Case Study

Assessment and Prioritization of Attractive IO Targets

Background and Objectives

A global pharma company needed to make strategic choices to acquire their next IO targets.


SmartAnalyst adopted the following approach to accomplish the objectives:

  • Conducted secondary research to map the IO universe and pre-screened the long list of pre-clinical and clinical IO targets (208) and shortlisted 25 targets for evaluation and prioritization, based on client-specific parameters.
  • Organized an Ad Board with external experts to support the evaluation and prioritization of the shortlisted targets.
  • Evaluated shortlisted targets, of which five were prioritized as ‘high’ based on
         Biological rationale:
    • Role in cancer biology and cancer immunity cycle
    • Prognostic significance
    • Rate of aberration
    •    Scientific evidence
    • Non trivial clinical evidence
    • In vivo evidence
    •    Potential combinability of select targets with other novel IO targets

         High level commercial considerations: Breadth of applicability across tumors, competitive intensity and time to market.

Time Frame

8 weeks


SmartAnalyst identified the five most attractive IO targets, based on biologic and scientific rationale and high-level commercial considerations and developed detailed target profiles. This helped the company to frame its strategy for acquisition of IO targets.

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