Case Study

Identifying Most Attractive Opportunities for an Asset in Combination with Radiotherapy to Maximize its Value

Background and Objectives

A large biopharmaceutical company was keen to make data-driven decisions about the best combination opportunities for its early-phase asset being evaluated across multiple tumors. The asset had demonstrated synergy with Radiotherapy in preclinical models. An assessment of the RT landscape across numerous tumors, including current and emerging patient segments, was required for designing both a mid-term and long-term strategy for the asset combination.

Approach and Recommendations (Methodology)

SmartAnalyst conducted extensive secondary research to identify the opportunities and Primary Research was conducted to validate those findings. The project was conducted in three steps:

  • Identified a long list of opportunities for the asset in solid tumors with RT as the SoC; shortlisted the indications based on various parameters (scientific rationale and utilization of RT) and bucketed them into mid-term and long term opportunities; a structured strategic prioritization exercise of the tumors was done using commercial and ease of development parameters
  • Developed a TPP for the shortlisted opportunities, to inform an optimal value proposition
  • Conducted interviews with KOLs (Medical and Radiation oncologists across US, Germany, Spain, France) to validate the list of tumors, patient segments, future SoC, TPP across various scenarios and gain insights on the clinical positioning of the asset + RT combination

Time Frame

16 Weeks


  • Key strategic recommendations on the most attractive patient segments, for Asset X+RT combination, across prioritized opportunities and indication sequencing
  • Development timelines
  • Key drivers and barriers of each of the opportunities and the implications for the client

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