Case Study

Disease Area Strategy - Oncology

Background and Objectives

A leading biopharma company was focused on external innovation as a core future growth driver. SmartAnalyst undertook a detailed analysis of the oncology space, prioritizing hard-to-treat, niche populations and identified high potential assets with greatest probability of success and speed to market. SmartAnalyst supported the client with strategic inputs to drive future growth through leveraging external opportunities in key solid tumors and haematological malignancies

Approach and Recommendations (Methodology)

SmartAnalyst developed a strategic framework to filter and prioritize tumors/ patient segments characterized by a high degree of scientific innovation and an appropriate balance between risk and growth.

Phase I: Semi-quantitative framework was developed to rank order tumors/ patient segments based on:

  • Innovation parameters that mapped near-term and long-term innovation including new technologies, pathways/ targets and biomarkers
  • Commercial parameters that mapped market value and potential for differentiation
  • Scientific parameters that mapped regulatory hurdles and R&D investment

Phase II: Qualitative in-depth analysis of prioritized opportunities overlaid with insights from Key Opinion Leaders that helped drive:

  • A greater focus on addressing unmet needs
  • Insights into novel mechanisms, targets and potential game-changers
  • Identification of high potential assets to build a sustainable, diversified and innovative pipeline of products

Time Frame

5 Months


Helped provide a blueprint for growth with a near-term focus on in-licensing/ acquisition of assets with high probability of success, speed to market and value driven by scientific innovation. The Disease Area Strategy has also provided a perspective on building a sustainable, diversified and balanced pipeline of innovative products.

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