Case Study

Age-related Macular
Degeneration (wAMD) &
Diabetic Macular Edema (DME)
Future Landscape Market

Background and Objectives

A biopharma company was pursuing development of Asset X biosimilar in age-related macular degeneration (wAMD). For a better understanding of the role of this product in the management of wAMD and DME patients, it wanted to assess the current and emerging treatment landscape and evaluate the commercial feasibility of developing the biosimilar across geographies. The objective was to:

  • Assess the commercial opportunity for Asset X biosimilar in wAMD and DME, and map out various outcomes/ scenarios and their likelihood of occurrence
  • Understand the current and expected utilization patterns of various anti-VEGF biologics and their associated drivers and challenges and its potential impact on the usage of current anti-VEGFs
  • Identify the volume share forecast reflecting potential hypotheses/scenarios at three key time points; Pre Asset X LOE, Pre Asset Y LOE, Post entry of Asset Y biosimilars

Approach and Recommendations (Methodology)

SmartAnalyst conducted secondary and primary research to understand the use of Asset X and biosimilars in wAMD and DME patients. The projects was conducted in two phases:

Phase I: Mapping of Disease Landscape

  • Provided a detailed disease landscape for wAMD and DME and identified innovation/game changers in the market
  • Conducted in-depth interviews with KOL/prescribers and payors to:
    • Address the key business questions related to treatment and reimbursement landscape
    • Understand the impact of biosimilars on treatment decisions and sequencing in wAMD and DME
    • Understand the drivers and barriers for uptake of biosimilars and impact of new innovation

Phase II: Scenario Assessment and Implication

  • Commercial assessment, volume forecast for Asset X biosimilar and evaluation across different commercial scenarios
  • Commercial viability of developing Asset X biosmilar and the likely adoption and the impact of a competitive biosimilar on product adoption

Time Frame

14 weeks


  • Emergence of Asset Y biosimilars within three years of Asset X biosimilars poses a significant threat and is likely to halve the share of Asset X
  • Emergence of new innovation may further threaten Asset X biosimilar adoption

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